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The NASW Arkansas Leadership Academy was established by a board-appointed task force in 2014.

The purpose of the NASW Arkansas Leadership Academy is to identify individuals who have demonstrated a capacity for leadership and have the potential to make a substantial positive impact on the future of the field of social work.

Participants have an opportunity to interact with colleagues and professionals from across the state to gain a better understanding of their personal leadership styles, build relationships, understand the issues facing leaders in social work, and gain the skills necessary to create positive change.

Leadership Academy Fellows are expected to attend several leadership training sessions throughout the year. Some of the trainings include Leadership Models, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Planning, Crisis Management, Grant Writing, Advocacy and Politics, Ethics of Leadership, Mentorship, and Supervision. Those who successfully complete the program are inducted into the NASW Arkansas Hall of Distinguished Leaders.

The NASW Arkansas leadership program seeks to:

  • Foster an environment where participants can build relationships and work across agency boundaries.
  • Offer an opportunity for participants to identify problems and generate solutions for critical issues facing social work.
  • Provide participants with the tools needed to develop and enhance their leadership skills, specifically in the areas of positive communication, strategic planning and problem solving, and collaboration.
  • Develop leaders who can advocate for themselves, the profession, and the clients and communities they serve.

“[The Leadership Academy] gave us hands-on activities to assess our skills as leaders and identify our strengths and areas in which we would like to see growth.” – 2016 Leadership Academy Graduate

2024 NASW Arkansas Leadership Academy Fellows