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Welcome to the NASW Arkansas Hall of Distinguished Leaders, a space that celebrates the remarkable contributions of visionaries and trailblazers in the field of social work.

The NASW Arkansas Leadership Academy Task Force and NASW Arkansas Board of Directors developed the Hall of Distinguished Leaders to honor and showcase positive change agents – those who have excelled in their respective agencies and have left a lasting imprint on the communities they serve. The Hall of Distinguished Leaders comprises past fellows, mentors, presenters, trainers, and task force members who have graciously contributed their time, talent, and expertise to elevate the NASW Arkansas Leadership Academy.

The NASW Arkansas Leadership Academy serves as a beacon for those who wish to further empower the profession and create meaningful impact in the state of Arkansas. Fellows of the program experience a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues and professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends agency boundaries.

2024 Inductees

We will induct members to the NASW Arkansas Hall of Distinguished Leaders at
the 2024 NASW Arkansas Annual Awards Luncheon on March 15, 2024. Those
inducted will be featured on this page.