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The Arkansas Chapter NASW encourages the highest level of membership participation possible through activities at the local level. Local branches of the chapter were established to represent members in the decision making process of the chapter and to facilitate membership activity at the local level. These branches are geographically defined and each branch is entitled to representation on the chapter Board of Directors. View the NASW-AR Chapter Branch Map to see who represents you. For information on any branch activity contact the branch representative or the NASW Chapter Office.

Central Branch Representatives Sunnie Rogers, LCSW Elizabeth Fowler, LCSW Johanna Thomas, PhD, LMSW

North Central Branch Vacant

North East Branch Representative Patricia Wilkerson, PhD, LCSW

North West Branch Representatives Brandy Schneider, LMSW Rita Collins, LMSW

South East Branch Representative Marie Jenkins, LCSW

South West Branch Representative Jennifer Turner, LMSW, LAC

West Central Branch Representative Haleigh Trotter, LMSW

Western Branch Representative Vacant