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Board of Directors & Staff

Our Vision

NASW Arkansas is committed to being the most relevant and visible force for social work professionals. We will impact the state of Arkansas and empower our profession through education, advocacy, and networking.


We will impact social work practice through innovative, affordable, and accessible educational opportunities. We will increase public awareness of our profession and diverse roles as social workers.


We will advocate for the social work profession and influence policy at the local and state levels. We will expand our involvement in advocacy efforts to promote human rights and social and economic justice.


We will have an active, inclusive, and diverse membership. We will provide opportunities for collaboration, support, and professional growth.

Seeking Qualified Candidates for Board of Directors

The NASW Arkansas Chapter seeks qualified candidates for leadership positions on the Board of Directors.

Your chapter has been actively working toward making our association a more powerful force in the community so we can advocate effectively for the social work profession, as well as for the community and clients we serve. With your commitment and help, we will continue this process and help ensure that social work has a seat at the table when legislative and social issues arise. Please review the open board positions below and join our team. Interested candidates must be members in good standing and complete the Biographical Fact Sheet by May 23, 2022.


Time Commitment

Terms for newly elected board members begin July 1, 2022 and end June 30, 2024, except for student representatives, whose terms end June 30, 2023. Board members are expected to attend four annual Board meetings of half-day duration (not including travel time). Board members are encouraged to attend these meetings, but we will make accommodations to attend via phone or virtual platform. Board members will also attend an annual retreat, in July or August 2022, and attend and help work at the Annual Conference in the spring.


Why should I apply?

NASW is member driven through a democratically elected Board of Directors. Serving as elected leaders of NASW allows social workers to give back to the profession and includes valuable training, experience, and networking opportunities. Volunteering as an Ambassador of the association and profession is a great opportunity to network and grow as a social worker, as well as to make a difference in social work in our state. Taking a leadership position in NASW Arkansas also puts you on the cutting edge of the profession. You will be faced with making critical decisions regarding the future of your profession. You will meet other talented, ambitious people and have the opportunity to represent your colleagues. Our chapter is fiscally stable and organizationally sound as a result of incredible leadership and staff, and it is our aim to remain THE association supporting social workers!

By serving on the Board you will:

  • Help advance and strengthen the social work profession
  • Be involved in Program Development
  • Advocate on behalf of the profession
  • Build your resume
  • Network with social workers across Arkansas
  • Grow as a social work professional
  • Connect with NASW Arkansas staff and coalitions


How to apply?

Interested candidates must be members in good standing and complete the online Biographical Fact Sheet by May 23, 2022. Complete your application and email it to if you want to help lead the NASW Arkansas Chapter.

Voting will take place soon thereafter and you will receive a link via email to cast your vote electronically if you provided the chapter with an email address. If we do not have your email address, you will receive a paper ballot.


2022 Positions Available

Vice-President (2 year term)

The Vice President fulfills the duties of the President in the event of absence or disability and assumes the presidency upon the President’s resignation or inability to discharge the office, and performs other duties as assigned by the President.

BSW Student Representative (one year term)

Represents the interest of BSW student members. Meets annually with students and serves on NASW Arkansas committees. Works in coordination with the MSW Student Representative to promote the chapter’s annual student membership competition.

MSW Student Representative (one year term)

Represents the interest of MSW student members. Meets annually with students and serves on NASW Arkansas committees. Works in coordination with the BSW Student Representative to promote the chapter’s annual student membership competition.

Branch Representative At Large (two year term)

The Branch Representative At Large is typically filled by someone who has served in the past as a Branch Representative, but that is not a requirement. The Branch Representative At Large assists with training new Branch Representatives at the board retreat and is available to assist regional Branch Representatives throughout the state with their local activities as requested.

Branch Representatives (two year term)

Represents branch members and the Board to one another; conducts regular branch meetings; is a catalyst to generate activity in the branch; prepares reports noting branch activity and concerns for presentation at board meetings. Branch Representative positions open for the 2022 term are:

Central Branch Representatives 1 & 2

North East Branch Representative 1

North West Branch Representative 1

South East Branch Representative

West Central Branch Representative

Western Branch Representative

YOU are the power of Social Work….NASW is the power behind the Social Worker.


2021-2022 Board of Directors

We invite NASW members to contact the Chapter’s Social Work Board of Directors and Staff at any time with questions, ideas or concerns. Our elected, volunteer Board Officers and Branch Representatives support the state’s eight branches, generate activities in the branches, and liaison with the Chapter office. We are all eager to demonstrate our commitment to you and to the field of social work.

Board Officers


Johanna Thomas, PhD, LCSW


Alishia Ferguson, PhD, LMSW


Haleigh Trotter, LCSW


Shara Purtle, PLMSW

Board of Directors


Angela Scott, BSW


Noah Eggensperger


Mackenzi T. Davis, LCSW


Ruth Fissel, LCSW


Kelly Moore, LCSW


Cheryl Knight, DSW, LCSW


Nicole McCauley, DSW, LCSW


Rita Cruz-Collins, LCSW


Gonzalo Camp, LMSW


Melrita Johnson, LCSW


Christiane Long, LCSW


Holly Barron


Alyssa Guffey